Nazca Videos

Who Built the Nazca Lines World Map. Part I

We present the Nazca Lines as a System, which precisely fits in the context of Ancient Cartography, based on straight directions from a common center. We make a virtual flight over Nazca Lines at Night, eliminating all distractions to give the real dimension of the System.

Who Built the Nazca Lines World Map. Part II

We demonstrate part of the complex geometry of Nazca leading to the conclusion of a possible World Map. The way all the pieces fit together and how the Nazca Code is able to explain the location of Stonehenge, Carnac, Carahunge...

Who Built the Nazca Lines World Map. Part III

We present the Geodetic System derived from Nazca Lines. We call it the Secret Code of the Cathedrals. 

Nazca and The Threads of the Gods

We describe the amazing alignments of the Ancient Andean Civilizations: Caral, Chavín, Nazca, Tiwanaku and Inca. We show they interact with the Nazca Lines. We also give a new perspective to the Ceque System and analyze some mysteries such as the Band of Holes and Nazca Road.

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